CFIDS grant: Presentation of project members

February 23, 2012Media coverage

Breaking Ground Article by K. Kimberly McCleary, about the Research Institute Without Walls. We believe in the power of systematically exploring all drugs and mechanisms for their potential against any disease. We have used this idea as the driving force to create a technologic capability, COSS, that maps and ranks all drugs versus all diseases, side … Read More

Health Blog: With Help from Author Laura Hillenbrand, Drug Repurposing Comes to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

February 23, 2012Media coverage

Article by Health Blog’s Amy Dockser Marcus on Biovista’s contribution to CFS research. The CFIDS Association of America says that $2 million in funding — backed by individual gifts including a $250,000 donation from best-selling writer Laura Hillenbrand, who has chronic fatigue syndrome– is going to grants and projects designed to accelerate the development of … Read More

BioWorld: Repurposing: Achilles Heel or Extra Leg to Stand On?

May 9, 2011Media coverage

By Anette Breind, BioWorld Insight For Academia or Industry In the private space, Charlottesville, Va.-based Biovista Inc…Biovista has a positioning program that uses a bioinformatics approach to “develop all reasonable opportunities” for a drug, Persidis said, by tracking “without bias,” all biological effects of a compound…But Biovista is also developing its own in-house pipeline of existing … Read More

FirstWord: Drug Combinations: New Rules, New Opportunities

May 5, 2011Media coverage

Biovista featured in FirstWorld’s latest report, “Drug Combinations: New Rules, New Opportunities” For years, drug therapy has been built on that basic equation. Yet as genomic biology sheds light on the astonishing intricacy of disease pathology, it is clear that drugs that combine several compounds must be developed in response.   According to Biovista president … Read More