Biovista Featured in CHI’s InsightPharma Report on Drug Repositioning

July 7, 2010Announcements

Biovista Inc., Charlottesville, July 7, 2010:  Biovista today announced that it is a featured company in InsightPharma’s report on Drug Repositioning. The report “Drug Repositioning: Extracting Added Value from Prior R&D Investments” by Dr. Hermann A.M. Mucke explains the basic issues surrounding drug repositioning as a pipeline development and/or lice cycle management strategy, covers the … Read More

Drug Repositioning: Extracting Added Value from Prior R&D Investments

July 5, 2010Media coverage

Biovista profiled in latest Insight Pharma report “Drug Repositioning:Extracting Added Value from Prior R&D Investments”. Drug repositioning is also known as drug repurposing, reprofiling, or retasking. In “on-target repurposing,” a drug’s known pharmacological mechanism is applied to a different therapeutic indication than that for which it was initially developed. Even more innovative is “off-target repurposing, ” … Read More