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Customer Engagement. Increased sales. Market intelligence.

Vizit is a visual search engine that helps scientists search Pubmed and easily find your products that are relevant to their research.

Vizit is designed to make your website work harder as a business tool. Here’s how:

User engagement and online sales

With Vizit you can create a more engaging buying experience for your site visitors offering context-relevant suggestions and generating multiple sales opportunities for your products.

Targeted promotions

Use Vizit to compare and contrast website visitor interest with your sales records and devise personalized or organization-specific promotions that make sense.

New product development

With Vizit Analytics you can monitor global research trends based on the scientific literature, as well as usage patterns and identify opportunities for developing new products.

Corporate brand development

Vizit doesn’t just help scientists find your products. It helps them with their research too. With Vizit you show scientists that your brand cares about what they care about – their work.

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Create truly engaging buying experiences for scientists visiting your website.

Work. Buy. Connect.
Vizit helping scientists

Vizit helps scientists find and buy your life-science products.

You decide for which target protein, cell line or disease your antibodies, peptides, recombinant proteins or kits are relevant. When scientists search for that protein, cell line or disease, Vizit lists your products. Clicking on the link the life-sciences researcher is taken directly to your product page. With Vizit you offer your site visitors a powerful research tool, through which you can sell, cross-sell and up-sell.

For life-scientists Vizit is a new way to search PubMed - visually. It helps scientists with their research and discovery work and lets you sell your reagents in the context of that work. Read more...

With Vizit scientists can share information and collaborate with their peers, exposing your products over time to a growing, targeted group of potential new customers.

Vizit helping scientists
Vizit helping scientists

With Vizit your site visitors can self-organize into virtual communities with a shared interest - be it in one of your products or some research challenge. You will be part of those communities. And as the communities grow, so will you. Read more...

You can also use Vizit to analyze research trends, opinions and site activity. And learn what antibodies, peptides, assays, kits or other life-sciences products to develop next. Read more...

Help scientists with their task at hand.

Market and sell your life-sciences products in context.

Selling in context means that your sales interaction is designed to recognize and embrace your prospective customer' s current task at hand - for example an experiment they are running - and that the products you propose are useful in the context of that task.

In context selling ℠. With Vizit
Vizit helping scientists

Vizit PubMed research tools help scientists with their actual work and let you present products that are evidently relevant to what they are interested in at any given moment. Just like Google’s sponsored links.

The users will be engaged and your linked products will show up in the right place and at the right time. And through the available bibliography, the life-scientists will know why your bio-assay kit, peptide or antibody is relevant and how it has been used by their peers.

And because the tools are useful to the scientists, your on-line interactions with them will last longer and happen more often. Giving you the opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell not just through the vizit tools but directly, from your product pages. Use Vizit data to show all the genes, pathways, cell lines and diseases for which your reagents and other life-sciences products are relevant. Engage your customer and increase your site SEO.

We call it in context selling ℠. And Vizit is very effective at it.

Vizit Analytics

With Vizit analytics you can stay in touch with your evolving market. Identify the research community's developing needs and areas of interest in real time. Anticipate trends, monitor site engagement, incentivise and reward your visitors based on their interests and involvement with Vizit. And learn what products to develop next.

Delivered as a customized quarterly report, Vizit analytics answers questions such as:

Vizit analytics
What product should I develop next?

Compare publication trends of cell lines, genes or other relevant targets with click-through activity for these at your site. Highly trending ones where you have no products can suggest new product development opportunities.

Which client organization should I incentivize or reward?

Compare client or organization activity with your sales data. Offer incentives or rewards where you identify opportunities.

How can I increase my cross-selling and up-selling opportunities?

Identify highly trending search terms linked to target genes or cell lines for which you have products. Like with Google ads, link your assays, kits, peptides, antibodies or other relevant products to these terms to create cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

So much more than static images of pathways.

Vizit is a visual bibliographic search tool. Which means that unlike PubMed or Google, when users type in a search term, instead of a list of publications, they get a visual network of related terms.

So they can start with a protein and ask Vizit to show antibodies that bind to it. Or they can look up a disease and instruct Vizit to show cell lines used to study it. And at any point browse any of your reagents or other research products that you have linked to these results.

Vizit with antibodies
Vizit with notes

Vizit users can explore these relationships by expanding the network any which way they want. And when they need to learn more they can bring up all the related scientific publications.

They can save their search results and create notes with additional findings, their opinions or questions. And they can share these networks and notes with a simple url that will direct their peers automatically to your site.

Great sharing capabilities.

To help life-sciences researchers collaborate. And spread the word for you.

With Vizit, life-scientists with similar research interests can self organize into virtual communities. They can share information and opinions - be it on one of your antibodies, kits or peptides or on some common research challenge. And by sharing, help bring more visitors to your site.

Vizit social cloud

Users can save the networks they create. They can add notes on just about anything: how a product performed or what to look out for in an experimental procedure. And they can share their insights with their peers.

Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Email. They’re all covered.

As scientists create and browse networks, Vizit suggests related networks shared by other users. Just like with Amazon and YouTube users can now explore these suggestions. And advance their own research or find out about a product they were not aware of, but could be relevant to their work.

It's called cross-selling. And Vizit can be very effective at it.

vizit related graphs

Engage your visitors.

They will keep returning.

We all like engaging experiences. Especially when they are useful, fun and we can easily share them with friends and peers.

Challenge. Reward. Welcome Back.
vizit users engagement

With Vizit you can create a variety of fun challenges such as a life-science quiz for your visitors that delight, teach and encourage community participation. So that work and pleasure, learning and teaching, giving and receiving become one. And a part of their daily routine.

Set up Vizit so that the more each visitor participates, the more each contributes, the more they are rewarded.

Serve your visitors well, challenge and delight them and watch as they keep returning. To do more, buy more and benefit more. It can be never ending.

Future Proof your investment

Vizit is a platform technology. Which means it can grow as your business grows and as your expectations of your web site grow.

Vizit has a modular architecture and expandable functionality so that it can support new functions to reflect the multiple roles you may require of your web site. Start with sales support, then add Vizit functionality as you go, to support user engagement, personalization, SEO, new product foresight and more.

Proven in the field.

Biovista is a pioneer in the field of literature mining technologies. Our tools have been used with pharma companies, payor organizations and regulators around the world to predict new indications for existing drugs and identify non-obvious adverse drug reactions.

View relevant publications from Biovista

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