Drug Repositioning

We profile compounds, whether in late development, in the market or at the generic phase and match them with diseases to find new uses for drugs or new therapies for indications of interest … more

Combination Therapies

We identify compounds to combine with a drug of interest, and find novel combinations to address unmet medical needs or help differentiate from marketed and generic drugs … more

Drug De-risking

We proactively assess the benefit/risk profile of drugs to optimize population targeting, improve clinical trial design and help manage unanticipated side effects before they arise … more

Clinical Hold

We generate strong mechanism-of-action rationale and the supporting evidence to help you remove a clinical hold order and bring your drug development program back on track … more


Biovista pipeline for: Multiple Sclerosis, LHON, FRDA, Epilepsy, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Glioblastoma, Melanoma, Thyroid cancerBiovista is developing therapies in multiple sclerosis, mitochondrial diseases, oncology, epilepsy and CFS/ME. Biovista candidates are repositioned drugs presently at the late pre-clinical stage and following the FDA 505 b(2) development route. Additional repositioning work is being pursued in orphan/rare diseases in collaboration with our partners.


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Generics Companies
Patient Advocacy Groups
Reagent and Life-sciences product companies

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