The ‘perfect storm’ is upon pharmaceutical and biotech companies with stringent regulators, cost-cutting governments, demanding investors, the innovation deficit, the patent cliff, IP portfolio ‘activists’, budding market entrants and increasingly savvy patients pressing for change in the emerging healthcare market.

In such an environment IP management and product differentiation become even more important than in the past since more teams are now competing for the same space and formidable competitors (single or consortia) can emerge anytime, anywhere. There is a need then to create new and well differentiated products and to protect them by claiming the relevant IP space systematically, convincingly (show possession via mechanism-of-action reasoning) and at high velocity.

Competing in the emerging healthcare market

Biopharma companies need new and well-differentiated products based on a solid understanding of the underlying biology.

They must ensure the full exploitation of their assets and protect from competitor adjacency moves (a competitor usurping untapped value of one’s assets) through the creation of solid IP.

They must be able to create this IP on a systematic basis and at high velocity.

How we can help

Biovista B2B Services offer a proven, reliable and cost effective management tool for addressing the challenges biopharmaceutical companies are presently facing. Biovista can help you:

  • Find a new indication for your drugs, whether shelved, nearing the end of their patent protection period or in the clinical development stage
  • Find a combination of any two drugs to treat a disease of interest or multiple diseases
  • Combine an existing drug targeted at a disease with another, to provide differentiation from the competition in that disease
  • Co-develop novel administration routes and dosing regimes to better protect the repositioned drug
  • Assess the risk profile of a drug to compare it with other development options or to evaluate it as an in-licensing opportunity
  • Salvage a drug that has been served a Clinical Hold order

How we Work

We partner with biotech and pharma companies on custom solutions that address single compound, pipeline or disease-focused business goals.

We assign dedicated subject matter experts to work with our partners’ team to:

  • Define data exchange needs
  • Define selection criteria and go/no-go metrics for the proposed opportunities
  • Decide on the level of the ‘inventive step’. In some cases minor departure from the standard of care or competing products suffices; in others a greater innovation is needed. Based on this we work to identify more or less novel new opportunities.
  • Define the development path for the opportunities that are selected
  • Internalize project outcomes
  • Monitor and manage the project until the defined milestones are reached

We deliver solutions at the late pre-clinical, PoC in man or Ph IIa stage, depending on the requirements of our partner.

We support our partners’ legal department in writing all relevant patents and performing where needed Freedom-to-Operate analyses.

We follow industry-standard benefit/risk sharing practices with flexible project opt-out and buy-out arrangements.

We maintain full tractability of all work performed through secure data archiving.

For more information

To find out more information on our B2B Services, visit our pages on Drug Repositioning, Combination Therapies, Drug De-risking and Clinical Hold or send an email directly to ps{at}