The role of drug repositioning in future drug development

April 5, 2012Biovista Articles

What role is #drugrepositioning to take in future drug development? Interview of Aris Persidis to Total BioPharma’s Matt Turner 5 April 2012 “I see a very significant role for drug repositioning in current and also future drug development. Not only is it driven by the patent cliff, which is not a singular event but a … Read More

Pharmaceutical Engineering interview with Dr. Aris Persidis

March 6, 2012Biovista Articles

Industry Interview Series: Dr. Aris Persidis, President and Co-founder, Biovista, Inc. Online article in  Pharmaceutical Engineering Magazine. With patent expirations looming for many major pharmaceutical companies, drug repositioning has become a matter of intense interest during the past few years. Biovista’s President and Co-founder discusses the basics of drug repositioning and the potential impact it … Read More

Repurposed drugs and your IP strategy

September 1, 2011Biovista Articles

Using examples of drugs and companies, Dr Andreas Persidis gives tips on how to establish a systematic drug repositioning programme. Online article in the Managing Intellectual Property website. In the absence of productive internal R&D sufficient to support growth, current pharmaceutical IP strategies focus on acquiring smaller biotechs with promising assets to bolster larger pharma’s … Read More