The role of drug repositioning in future drug development

April 5, 2012Biovista Articles

What role is #drugrepositioning to take in future drug development? Interview of Aris Persidis to Total BioPharma’s Matt Turner 5 April 2012 “I see a very significant role for drug repositioning in current and also future drug development. Not only is it driven by the patent cliff, which is not a singular event but a … Read More

Pharmaceutical Engineering interview with Dr. Aris Persidis

March 6, 2012Biovista Articles

Industry Interview Series: Dr. Aris Persidis, President and Co-founder, Biovista, Inc. Online article in  Pharmaceutical Engineering Magazine. With patent expirations looming for many major pharmaceutical companies, drug repositioning has become a matter of intense interest during the past few years. Biovista’s President and Co-founder discusses the basics of drug repositioning and the potential impact it … Read More

Repurposed drugs and your IP strategy

September 1, 2011Biovista Articles

Using examples of drugs and companies, Dr Andreas Persidis gives tips on how to establish a systematic drug repositioning programme. Online article in the Managing Intellectual Property website. In the absence of productive internal R&D sufficient to support growth, current pharmaceutical IP strategies focus on acquiring smaller biotechs with promising assets to bolster larger pharma’s … Read More

Every drug deserves a second chance

September 1, 2011Biovista Articles

Guest Commentary in Drug Discovery News (DDN) by Andreas Persidis September 2011 After many years of talking about it, the patent cliff is finally with us in a big way. Starting with Pfizer’s Lipitor this coming November, Big Pharma is projected to lose more than $60 billion in the next five to six years from … Read More