Traditionally, generics and pharma companies have been operating in two distinct markets, the former based primarily on the protection afforded by IP on NCEs, the latter based primarily on price and distribution channels.

This is no longer the case with both pharma and generics entering a single healthcare space and competition between generics companies increasing as each vies for share in new and international markets.

Branded generics, super generics and biobetters, each seeks to create and exploit value while affording better protection to the developer. Repositioning goes a step further by creating a stronger product through the addition of a new indication.

Generics development and drug repositioning are highly synergistic:

Identifying a novel therapy for a generic drug opens up new markets and revenue streams.

Novel formulations, administration routes and dosing, areas of strength of many generics companies, protect against off label use in the new indication.

The relative speed of developing a repositioned drugs plays well to the shortened development time scales of the generics industry.

How we can help

Biovista B2B Services can help you:

  • Find a new indication for a generic drug you are developing
  • Develop novel administration routes and dosing regimes to better protect the repositioned drug
  • Find a combination of any two generic drugs to treat a disease of interest or multiple diseases
  • Combine an existing drug targeted at a disease with another, to provide differentiation from the competition in that disease

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