Biovista believes that drug discovery and development, as we know it today, is ripe for change.

There is a need to bring new therapies to market, to better differentiate between products, to better understand the B/R profile of drugs, to reduce development costs, to address previously non-viable markets like orphan diseases and to fully exploit the value of available drug assets.

We believe that strategic partnerships, based on novel collaboration models have the potential to create this transformation.

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What is Biovista looking for?

Biovista is interested in partnering with companies that offer products and/or services that are downstream or complementary to its own. This includes the following:

For Business Applications

  • Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies – we are looking for partners wishing to exploit the untapped potential of drug assets
  • Generics Companies – we are looking to co-develop well differentiated super-generics
  • Hospitals – we are looking to share anonymized patient record data for personalized medicine applications 

For Scientific Discovery Applications

  • CROs – we are looking to exploit complementarities to create new products and services for the industry
  • Patient Advocacy Groups – we are looking to partner with PAGs aiming to advance therapy development in their disease of interest.

What does Biovista offer?

  • Leadership in the drug repositioning space 
  • Its own pipeline of repositioned drugs
  • A powerful and flexible platform technology for systematic discovery, with multiple high value applications potential
  • Relationships with an extensive network of stakeholders in the healthcare industry

For more information

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of a strategic partnership with Biovista we will be glad to hear from you. Please send an email c/o Business Development Manager at bd{at}