We work with our collaborators to
  • find new uses for existing drugs of interest
  • find which drug from a set of candidates could be used to treat a disease of interest
  • help manage and prioritize portfolio assets
… and more…

Currently, pipelines are under pressure from patent expirations, a higher failure rate due to safety attrition, competitor adjacency moves and too many competitors vying for smaller markets, harder to treat diseases and the need for more affordable treatments.

Drug repositioning allows companies to extract any untapped value from their drugs, differentiate them against generics, create OTC opportunities and protect them against competitors. It is estimated that drug repositioning accelerates development by 15-20% with a minimum of 2-3 years in program duration *.

Systematic Drug Repositioning (SDR) goes a step further by allowing companies to practice repositioning on a permanent and repeatable basis thereby offering senior management an effective tool with which to help shape strategy, avoid competitor predatory market-share moves and manage the company pipeline.

How we can help

Biovista B2B Systematic Drug Repositioning service can help you:

  • Find new uses for your compounds, whether shelved due to lack of efficacy, or nearing their patent protection period
  • Treat a disease of interest with one of your compounds whether shelved, in the pipeline or currently in the market
  • Combine an existing drug with another to deliver enhanced treatment in a disease of interest
  • Find non-obvious roles of a specific target in therapeutic areas and by implication new uses for your drug(s) that are known to modulate that target

How we work

Biovista’s systematic discovery COSS™ platform supports our teams of biologists, medical doctors, epidemiologists and IP experts generate robust Mechanism-of-Action rationale to support drug-disease associations that are non-obvious and aligned with your strategic pipeline priorities.

We work with your team, using where appropriate your in-house data to evaluate and rank high value opportunities generated by our platform. Opportunities are evaluated on multiple levels including:

  • Strong, multi-level Mechanism-of-Action rationale
  • IP and Freedom to Operate (FTO) potential
  • Docking and Molecular dynamics profiling
  • Highly targeted and optimized pre-clinical in vitro/vivo testing

Why Biovista

Biovista B2B Systematic Drug Repositioning service offers a number of distinct advantages:

  • Proven track record – we have partnered with some of the largest stakeholders in the space, in a variety of applications
  • Speed – we deliver results in as little as 2-3 months
  • Flexibility – we can address a variety of drug development objectives; we can modulate the “inventive step” selecting new uses for your drug that are closer to current knowledge or more innovative
  • Low cost – with a 75%+ success rate1 in pre-clinical animal model testing, our path to PoC in man and Phase IIa is highly focused and efficient in the use of your resources
  • Repeatability – high success rate and efficient resource usage means our B2B DR service can be used on a systematic basis for strategic compound- and portfolio-level decision making.

For more information

To find out more information on our B2B Systematic Drug Repositioning service and how we can help you get more from your portfolio, contact us or send an email directly to ps{at}biovista.com.

* Arrowhead Publishers 2012: Drug Repositioning – New Technologies, Business Models and Strategies for Successful Development).