Research in the life sciences and medicine has become an increasingly complex and data intensive proposition. Researchers and medical professionals are under increasing pressure to deliver novel insights and solutions that will help advance our understanding of biology and medicine and our ability to design and develop better, safer and more personalized drugs. In such a discovery-intensive setting, researchers need tools that not only make easy work of searching and analyzing existing information but also help identify and exploit information that may be relevant but they may not be aware of.

Biovista Vizit is a visual bibliographic search tool for PubMed. It offers researchers unprecedented support by helping to bridge knowledge gaps and do knowledge discovery in a systematic way.

Why Vizit makes a difference

Vizit gives scientists and medical professionals a new way of using the literature to advance their work.

  • With Vizit, when users type in a search term, instead of a list of publications, they get a visual network of related terms.
  • Vizit users no longer need to shift through long lists of paper titles to find the ones they want.
  • Vizit users can also save the networks they create. And they can share their insights with their peers.

Vizit Graph categories

With Vizit you search graphs of relationships between concepts of interest such as genes, diseases, compounds and cell types to obtain an overview of the knowledge that is captured in scientific literature (PubMed/MEDLINE). It is then one easy step to drill down to the underlying literature and explore these relationships in depth.

Vizit PubMed literature

Search, understand, discover, capture, organize and share knowledge in a single, easy to use environment.

For more information on Vizit, click here to access the dedicated Vizit site.