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The AI Health Shield™ is a Direct to Consumer (DTC) product for personalized medicine decision support. It is marketed exclusively by Biovista Personalized Medicine, Inc., Biovista’s spin-out in the space.

The Problem

Simply put, the problem is summarized by the question “What’s next?”. When a patient receives a diagnosis, especially for something chronic or complicated, what medicines should they take that will work well for them and have few side effects?

Today, “Personalized Medicine” is a big bucket term that includes diagnostics, personalized medical care, telemedicine, concierge medicine, alternative medicine, personalized wellness and precision medicine. The most advanced form of “what’s next” interpretation applies to diagnostics in cancer: depending on the mutation, a number of companies will recommend medicines approved for the mutation/cancer, or medicines in clinical trials for the mutation/cancer or very similar to it. Even in cancer, there is no decision support beyond what is approved or what is in clinical trials. Often, this may be too little too late for many patients. And this is in cancer. Not much exists in other diseases other than recommendations for standard of care.

“Machines will not replace physicians but physicians using AI will soon replace those not using it”

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The AI Health Shield™

Using leading-edge augmented intelligence, a 360o view of a patient’s context is considered. Over 270,000 conditions can be analyzed, singly or in any combination, against all approved drugs and drugs in clinical trials. This makes the AI Health Shield™ one of the most comprehensive AI-driven decision support tools on the market today.

Who is AI Health Shield™ for?

Consumers/Patients; Their family caregivers; Healthcare providers; Health systems.

Consumer/Patient Onboarding

This is simplicity itself, without compromising the integrity of the process. A consumer/patient or healthcare provider inputs the data shown here. Necessary release and disclaimer information is included.

AI Health Shield - Input Form
AI Health Shield – Input Form

What is delivered

After receiving the consumer input form, it typically takes five-ten business days to run the many analyses needed and generate the report. The report is delivered electronically.

AI Health Shield - Output 1 of 3
AI Health Shield – Output 1 of 3
AI Health Shield - Output 2 of 3
AI Health Shield – Output 2 of 3
AI Health Shield - Output 3 of 3
AI Health Shield – Output 3 of 3

Managing expectations

It’s extremely important to agree on what the AI Health Shield™ is, and what it is not.

It is:

  1. Decision support based as much as possible on the idea of “no stone unturned”.
  2. Comprehensive: As much as possible of all existing research is explored.
  3. An “assist” to the consumer/patient, their healthcare provider, or their healthcare system.

It is not:

  1. Any guarantee of any medical outcome. Nothing is.
  2. False hope. The AI Health Shield™ shows the data and the evidence to support it. It is 100% up to the consumer/patient and their healthcare provider to decide to use, or not, the ideas it shares.
  3. A replacement of professional healthcare providers: To be absolutely clear, nothing replaces or should replace the professional care by licensed healthcare providers. Every consumer/patient should seek the advice and care of professional healthcare providers for any health issues of concern. Since there are about one million research reports in healthcare published each year, and no doctor can be expected to know all if it, the AI Health Shield™ aims to help.


The technology behind the AI Health Shield™ has been in constant development for over 15 years. Recent partnerships include the one with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and also the one with Diginova. Please see our News section.


The AI Health Shield™ is new and currently offered under an exclusive deal with Diginova in certain parts of Asia. Please see our press release section. As we release in other parts of the world, we will make the list available here.


Where do the data come from?The AI Health ShieldTM relies on very large amounts of freely available public research data in medicine and health. Currently, about 30 different sources of data are used, including PubMed, patents and others. Although we estimate there are over 100 sources of biomedical and health research information, we have found only about 30 to be reliable in successive years and to be non-redundant.
In addition, the AI Health ShieldTM is able to use EMR/EHR data in federated mode, as per published papers co-authored by the AI Health Shield team, the FDA and health insurance carriers. In federated mode, the EMR/EHR records are not accessed by the AI Health ShieldTM at all. Instead, it builds the scenarios first and the owners of the EMR/EHR records run the specific math analytics based on the AI Health ShieldTM scenarios. 
How are the recommendations generated?The inputs from the healthcare provider/patient are uploaded into the AI interface. Then, specifically designed workflows are followed that uncover credible connections between diseases, symptoms and possible medicines. Multiple “runs” need to take place before there is a set of insights that make sense and can be supported by evidence. Finally, human experts will always oversee the data and results before approving them for inclusion in the AI Health ShieldTM deliverable.
What diseases are covered?The AI Health ShieldTM is unique because it covers almost every reported human medical condition and outcome. In this sense, it complements and goes beyond other tools, products or services that are focused primarily on cancer.
What medicines are covered?The AI Health ShieldTM examines every approved drug for its possible relevance against any healthcare condition that it receives.
How often is the AI Health ShieldTM updated?It is updated a minimum of three times per year with the latest data.
How should the recommendations be used?The AI Health ShieldTM does not replace a healthcare professional’s opinion, diagnosis or treatment plan. It aims to augment their capabilities by offering a “super library, where as much as possible of all known research data are mapped against a patient’s case. This means that the doctor/patient can use the recommendations in total, or some of them, or ignore them as they think best.
What’s a family subscription to the AI Health ShieldTM?We make it possible to buy a subscription for a family, where up to three family members can each benefit from the AI Health ShieldTM work. This complements the availability per single patient and makes particular sense for multi-generational families.
How is data privacy handled?The AI Health ShieldTM takes individual privacy extremely seriously. The data are not linked to individual patient identities. Individual patient cases are not “resold”.
Is there bias in how The AI Health ShieldTM works?There is no bias by disease or medication in the database that powers the AI Health ShieldTM or in its analytics. This is by design, in order to make it possible to address all known human diseases and medicines with equal Augmented Intelligence “power.”