Your personal medical super librarian

  1. Can analyze and cross-reference the over 3 million medical research papers and case studies published each year.
  2. Is a one-stop-shop for side effects, drug interactions, and alternative drug options for you.

For those interested in no stone unturned.

Who it’s for

If you or someone you care about are on this journey, the AI Health Shield™ was designed for you:

  1. Frequent visits to different doctors.
  2. Taking all sorts of drugs.
  3. Hoping different doctor offices share updated medical information.
  4. Despite it all, keep feeling sick.
  5. Unsure what to do next other than more of the same.
  6. OR: doing great, thank you, but just need an unbiased credible health data tech in your corner for when needed.
  7. OR: I’m a doctor, not afraid to ask questions and consider credible alternative ideas.

“Machines will not replace physicians but physicians using AI will soon replace those not using it.”

Antonio Di leva THE LANCET

As a cutting-edge clinician and nationally recognized educator whose surgical career was cut short by multiple rare diseases, I understand intimately the challenges of complex diagnoses, treatment planning and pharmaceutical management. I struggled for years without accurate diagnoses and no treatment options. I traveled coast to coast seeking out top tier clinicians only to be told my symptoms were “all in my head.” When I was introduced to the AI Health Shield™ I had just been given my first accurate diagnosis. Unfortunately, the condition had yet to undergo its first clinical trial and didn’t even have an FDA approved treatment protocol. The AI Health Shield™ provided insights to help guide the direction of my care at a time when only a handful of clinicians in the country understood the completely trial and error options for treatment. It provided a spark that became a guiding light in a dark time. I am still on the drug recommendation by the AI Health Shield™ and it was life-altering/improving.

Dr. Kate P., July 2024. Dr. Kate is an AI Health Shield™ Subscriber.

“The AI Health Shield™ helped me understand and see more clearly and much more quickly what was going on and what needed to be changed with my medications. One change and I felt better. Thank you!”

Ed N., June 2024. Ed is an AI Health Shield™ Subscriber.

“My Dad was not responding to a given treatment for his leukemia. I asked the Team at Biovista to run the AI Health Shield™ and see if there was a better choice given his profile, including what we knew about his genetics. They were able to quickly find significant evidence that a different treatment might be better suited for him. Dad presented it to his doctor, they immediately made the change and Dad got better.  Years later when he died of an unrelated matter in old age,  not a trace of the leukemia was found in his body. My Dad was also taking one form of statin and six other drugs. Biovista researched it and suggested a different statin that was supportive of the new treatment. A number of side effects went away and the new statin also was also helpful it mitigating side effects from the other drugs my Dad was taking.”

Graham A., July 2024. Graham is an AI Health Shield™ Subscriber.



What it is

  • Decision support:
    Based as much as possible on the idea of “no stone unturned.”
  • Comprehensive:
    As much as possible of all existing research is explored.
  • An “assist” :
    Augments the abilities of the Subscriber/Patient and their healthcare provider.

What it is not

  • Any guarantee:
    Nothing is in healthcare.
  • False hope:
    It shows the data and the evidence to support it. It is up to the Subscriber/Patient and their healthcare provider to decide to use, or not, the ideas it shares.
  • A replacement:
    Professional healthcare providers and their patients make all the final decisions.

The AI Health Shield™ is a 360-degree view of what may be happening with the drugs you are taking and the health challenges they are supposed to help with.

  1. It is “Augmented Intelligence,” keeping human experts always in the loop.
  2. It automates what human experts simply can’t keep up with: cross referencing over 270,000 medical conditions, against all drugs, all side effects, all genes, in over 3 million peer-reviewed published biomedical reports per year.

How it works


The technology behind the AI Health Shield™ has been in constant development for over 18 years. Please see our News section.

The AI Health Shield™ was purpose built, with maximum drug and disease coverage, no biases, and equally good at what can work and what can be hard/dangerous.

  1. Can’t I just Google what I need for free?
    • Subscribers come to us when search engines or language AIs (ChatGPT etc.) are not giving them credible, actionable, understandable, simple answers. For example, a Subscriber sent us this in their onboarding form:
    • “I went to the doctor late last year because of eye blurriness (I had lasik surgery the year before which gave me perfect vision). I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Currently going in for eye injections and to try and get my blood pressure under control. I’m on two different meds and I still can’t come down to normal levels. Doctor also diagnosed me with chronic kidney disease from the diabetes so getting dialysis which I recently started. On top of all that having a bunch of side effects so constantly living at the doctor’s office. Additionally, was diagnosed with depression. I never had any of these problems before during my annual checkups. I am taking these five drugs:…”
    • Please copy/paste the above into your favorite search engine or language AI and see what you get? The AI Health Shield™ easily takes the above and delivers what the Subscriber asked for: alternatives that are working better (they told us they are doing better and we are so happy for them).
  2. No bias:
    • Current language model AIs are biased by their training and are not equally good at benefit or risk.
    • Patient groups and patient influencers on social media share great personal experiences. The challenge is that they are personal experiences, not supported by research, that may or may not work or be safe for you.
  3. Comprehensive:
    • Current free drug interaction checkers rely on drug labels alone – which are limited by what was seen in clinical trials only – and do not go deep enough into the causes of interactions and side effects.
    • Current AI-driven medical decision support tools (e.g. FoundationMedicine, Tempus, Grail, others) are designed for cancer and are not available for any disease or drug scenario.
  4. Track record:
    No other current platform or search engine has 18 years of continuous proof and refinement.

Why it’s different


To access the AI Health Shield™ and its on-boarding form, which includes payment details, please use the contact button below.

Level One: Drug Interactions

Delivers to you a cross-reference of everything you are taking for possible contra-indications and side effects that is the result of the combination you are on.

  1. Individual One Time (for up to six drugs, including supplements and over the counter – OTC – medicines):
    • $1,650
  2. Individual One Time (for 7-12 drugs, including supplements and OTC medicines):
    • $2,450
    • Can add a drug, supplement, or OTC: $490 per item.
  3. Individual Subscription for One Year:
    • $4,900
    • Includes up to 12 drugs during the year of the subscription.
    • Can add or replace to the above. Addition or replacement per single drug: $490 per item.
    • Please note: This is a use-it-or-lose-it subscription.
  4. Gifting: You can gift any of the above to a family member or friend. Very kind, generous and real-world helpful of you.

Level Two: Alternatives

Delivers to you the Level One analysis, and adds potential alternative diagnoses to think about, if needed. It also adds possible replacements to your drug cocktail that may be easier/better for you, as supported by research evidence.

  1. Individual One Time Analysis: 
    • $5,000
    • Includes Level One for all drugs, supplements and OTC drugs taken.
  2. Individual Subscription for One Year: $7,500
    •  Includes two full analyses for one year.
    • Level One for all drugs, supplements and OTC drugs taken. This is especially useful when a Subscriber is changing drugs during a year.
    • Please note: This is a use-it-or-lose-it subscription.
  3. Family Subscription for One Year
    • $14,500
    • Includes all the individual subscription benefits for a year, now for up to six analyses. You can mix and match for family members when requesting.
    • Can add an analysis: $4,000 per additional request.
    • Please note: This is a use-it-or-lose-it subscription.
  4. Gifting: You can gift any of the above to a family member or friend. Very kind, generous and real-world helpful of you.



This is simplicity itself. After you contact us and tell us what you wish to subscribe to (individual, family, one time or annual, Level One or Level Two), we email you a three-page form. It includes payment details and necessary data release and disclaimer information.

AI Health Shield - Input Form
AI Health Shield™ – Input Form

After receiving the subscriber’s input form, it typically takes five-ten business days to run the many analyses needed and generate the report. The report is delivered electronically.

AI Health Shield - Output 1 of 3
AI Health Shield™ – Output 1 of 3
AI Health Shield - Output 2 of 3
AI Health Shield™ – Output 2 of 3
AI Health Shield - Output 3 of 3
AI Health Shield™ – Output 3 of 3

What is delivered


Here is a partial list of what we have been asked to help with. Some Subscribers endure multiple of these at the same time. If you don’t see yours in the list, not to worry. This is just a partial list. The AI Health Shield™ is designed to address all known human (and even pet) conditions, singly or in any combination.

AMD (age-related macular degeneration) Apnea; Benign Prostate Hyperplasia; Chromosome 14; Chronic Kidney Disease; CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia); Depression; Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy; Ehlers-Danlos; Epilepsy; Ewing Sarcoma; Familial amyloidosis; Friedreich’s Ataxia; Gastroparesis-Nutcracker Syndrome; Glioblastoma; Hemoglobinopathies; Hypertension; IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease); Mantle Cell Lymphoma; ME/CFS (Myeloencephalitis/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome); MELAS; Meningioma; MS (Multiple Sclerosis); NASH/NAFLD (nonalcoholic steatohepatitis/nonalcoholic fatty liver disease); Niemann-Pick A; Obesity; Opioid Use Disorder; Pancreas Cancer; Polyneuropathy; Pre-Term Labor; Pulmonary Fibrosis; Retinoblastoma; Retinopathies; Tardive dyskinesia; Thalassemia; Thyroid Cancer; Type 2 Diabetes.

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