CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. and DUBAI, UAE, Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Biovista Personalized Medicine and Diginova Health Solutions today announced their deal to deliver augmented intelligence (AI)-driven personalized medicine analytics to over a quarter of a billion patients in Asia, starting in the MENA region. Diginova will offer Biovista Personalized Medicine’s market-leading AI Health ShieldTM analytics direct-to-consumer, where the consumers are doctors, patients, their family caregivers, and national/regional health systems.

Bringing leading edge healthcare AI to patients, their caregivers, doctors and health systems.

“We are excited to partner with Diginova on bringing our AI Health ShieldTM to a major part of the world,” said Aris Persidis, Biovista Personalized Medicine’s Managing Director. “Diginova is excellent at integrating the right health solutions for patients and doctors and has an innovation-led vision for the future of healthcare that is aligned with ours,” he continued.

“Outside of cancer, there were no AI-based solutions that could deeply understand patient data, including the use of data to understand existing therapies versus unanticipated ones, until the arrival of Biovista Personalized Medicine’s AI Health ShieldTM,” said Sarper Tanli, CEO of Diginova. “Biovista Personalized Medicine helps us deliver high quality-analytics to our consumers for any real-world clinical scenarios they may be facing. We see the AI Health ShieldTM as a real disruptor in the delivery of data-driven healthcare services,” he added.

“We see this deal as generating potentially over $5 billion in new AI-driven service revenues over its current iteration and lifetime,” said Persidis, “helping us continue to engineer better healthcare for everybody’s future,” he added.

About Biovista Personalized Medicine’s AI Health ShieldTM:  It compares a patient’s current diagnosis and treatment program against the many millions of evidence-based research reports published annually in scientific journals. It then recommends either extensions or replacements of the standard of care when the latter fails. Such augmented intelligence-supported analytics help physicians to adjust treatment plans and medications as well as pro-actively “think differently” for patients in need. Going beyond AI-based systems focused primarily in cancer as offered by competing personalized medicine companies, Biovista Personalized Medicine’s AI Health ShieldTM was designed from the start to be disease/therapy agnostic.

About Biovista Personalized Medicine: The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Biovista, Inc., the award-winning pioneer in AI-driven drug repositioning and personalized medicine. Biovista Personalized Medicine’s focus is the delivery of the class-leading AI-Health ShieldTM to consumers, patients, caregivers, doctors and health systems.

About Diginova: Based in the UAE, Diginova advances evidence-based technologies and digital care models to treat a broad spectrum of conditions, both chronic and otherwise. Diginova’s multi-functional digital health platforms include, but are not limited to therapeutic care, diagnostics, HCP upskilling and more.

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