Article by Health Blog’s Amy Dockser Marcus on Biovista’s contribution to CFS research.

The CFIDS Association of America says that $2 million in funding — backed by individual gifts including a $250,000 donation from best-selling writer Laura Hillenbrand, who has chronic fatigue syndrome– is going to grants and projects designed to accelerate the development of treatments for CFS.

One of the new projects: an attempt at so-called drug repurposing, when already-approved drugs for one indication are tried in a different disease.

The CFIDS Association’s repurposing project will be run by the biotech Biovista. The company created a technology that is able to analyze huge quantities of information — drugs in the public domain, adverse event databases, gene targets, patents, medical literature — and look for novel connections between drugs’ mechanisms of action and key symptoms of CFS, says Aris Persidis, president of Charlottesville, Va.-based Biovista.

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