Pfizer Seeks New Indications Using Biovista Bioinformatics

November 10, 2010Media coverage

By Catherine Shaffer, BioWorld Today Contributing Writer A research collaboration between Pfizer Inc. and Biovista Inc. will seek new indications for Pfizer drug candidates in development using a bioinformatics technology platform developed by Biovista. Terms of the agreement include identification of up to three new indications for each drug. Biovista will receive an undisclosed up-front … Read More

Drug Repositioning: Extracting Added Value from Prior R&D Investments

July 5, 2010Media coverage

Biovista profiled in latest Insight Pharma report “Drug Repositioning:Extracting Added Value from Prior R&D Investments”. Drug repositioning is also known as drug repurposing, reprofiling, or retasking. In “on-target repurposing,” a drug’s known pharmacological mechanism is applied to a different therapeutic indication than that for which it was initially developed. Even more innovative is “off-target repurposing, ” … Read More

BioWorld: Obesity Report : Tipping the Market Scales with Biotech & Med-Tech Regimens

May 26, 2010Media coverage

BioWorld & Medical Device Daily BioVista Inc. has drugs in various stages of research and preclinical development for eye disorders, diabetes and obesity. According to its website, the Charlottesville, Va.-based company has identified four novel targets involved in diabetes and obesity that lend them- selves to the development of RNAi drugs. Using artificial intelligence (AI), … Read More

BioWorld: Strong at the Broken Places: Models for Industry’s Future

November 30, 2009Media coverage

By Trista Morrison, BioWorld Insight BioVista: Artificial Intelligence for Discovery What happens when you combine the vision of Anadys Pharmaceuticals Inc…You get BioVista Inc., a start-up with a drug profiling platform that goes way beyond data mining to identify new uses for existing compounds…BioVista also has generated an internal pipeline comprising more than 30 repurposed … Read More