ATHENS, Greece and CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., Sept. 22 /PRNewswire/

Biovista announced today the licensing of its Journal Research Analyst™ market intelligence tool by Upstate, one of the leading suppliers of cell signaling reagents and kinase screening services in the life sciences industry.

Journal Research Analyst™ (JRA) enables the rapid and quantitative identification of the use and market performance of research technologies, such as reagents, assays and experiment types, directly coupled to the companies supplying these. In addition, it is able to quickly demonstrate correlations among key scientific research parameters, such as genes, proteins, pathways, diseases, drugs, experiments and others. JRA will be used by Upstate to increase their understanding of their customers’ product and technology-interest profile, track the market performance of products and competitors and analyze specific scientific domains for trends and correlations.

“We are delighted Upstate has selected our product to support its marketing and business development needs. JRA is an intuitive and powerful application that offers integrated market insights across many parameters of interest to Upstate that are not currently available by other means.” said Dr. Andreas Persidis, CEO of Biovista.

“We are very pleased to incorporate the innovative Journal Research Analyst™ as a key part of our business intelligence functions,” said Ian Ratcliffe, Executive Vice President at Upstate. “Biovista’s JRA will be a significant enhancement of our ability to understand research and market trends, as well as help us with the precise positioning of our products to the research community,” added Mark Keck, Director of Marketing at Upstate.

Financial and other terms of the license were not given.

Biovista® develops and supplies products and services aimed at knowledge-intensive needs of the biopharmaceutical industry. Its products are used for market evaluation, strategic analysis and M&A purposes, as well as for quantitative correlations among key biomedical research parameters. For further information, visit the Company’s web site at

Upstate is one of the world’s leading developers and suppliers of cell signaling reagents, assays and screening services for the biopharmaceutical research and industrial communities. For further information, visit the Company’s web site at