Biovista announced today its presentation at the 10th Cyprus Conference on New Methods in Drug Research of a talk on Systems Literature Analysis.


A major bottleneck in array analysis is a clear understanding of the context and relevance of the output. Systems Literature Analysis (SLA) is the literature version of systems biology and directly addresses the context issues of high throughput experiments. SLA treats the literature as a system of millions of interconnected terms (genes, networks, pathways, diseases, reagents etc.) and uses advanced data mining to extract relationships and connections. This is analogous to a systems biology experiment that takes a cell as a system and uses arrays and other relationship-based readout technologies (yeast two hybrid etc.) to map events at multiple levels inside the cell. With SLA, it is possible to leverage the knowledge embedded in millions of scientific papers to provide context on the data that arise from microarray experiments. With SLA, it is also possible to perform literature-based discovery (LBD), where drugs and candidate compounds are ranked by relevance and potential to impact a pathway or disease.


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