We thought you’d like to know about the new exciting features of the latest release of Biovista Vizit, namely the addition of share to Weibo option and image export support.

Biovista Vizit users can now post a graph directly to Sina Weibo. We hope that this new addition to Vizit will better serve our users from China who would like to share their work with their peers.

How to do that? Just click on the Save icon and then on the Weibo icon within the Save/Share pane.

In addition, we have added the capability to Export a graph as image (PNG or SVG). This has been a much requested feature in order to insert a graph image in a presentation or a manuscript.

Why don’t you try these features with an example graph depicting connections between major circadian clock proteins for which the 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded:


Finally, we have added many small fixes for reliability and speed. Most notably Chrome/61 and Chrome/62 issues with the popup menus have been resolved. Please do give it a try if you are a Chrome user and let us know how it works for you.

Enjoy the search!

The Biovista Vizit team