Biovista announced today the launch of a research project aimed at preparing a strategic roadmap in the area of systematic innovation and scientific discovery.

The INNOVANET project is a multinational effort funded by the European Commission’s DG Information Society and aims to study the scientific discovery and innovation processes in order to define a roadmap for future research.

The INNOVANET consortium will define a model for systematic innovation and discovery and enlist the services of a wide range of domain experts who will collectively identify a set of research priorities that could become investment targets in the next 3-5 years by the EC.

“This is an important project that is much needed at this point in time where many knowledge intensive industries are facing an innovation deficit and yet are under tremendous pressure to continuously bring new products to market, if they are to survive. There is also a need to provide coherent themes with which large research efforts can be aligned and systematic innovation is important in this respect as well. Biovista is glad to have the technical coordination of this project and is delighted to be working with such a strong team of partners.” said Dr. Andreas Persidis, CEO of Biovista.

The project was launched in November 2002 and has a duration of 12 months. Additional information can be found at the company’s web site, Research section.

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