Biovista announced today the release of its new Corporate Intelligence tool Journal Research Analyst™.

Journal Research Analyst™ (JRA) is a complete solution consisting of a manually curated database and a software application aimed at marketing and business development executives, researchers, competitive intelligence and strategic analysts.

Driven by a database generated by extracting key information from tens of thousands of scientific articles from leading biomedical journals, JRA is intended for anyone who needs to identify consumers who are potential clients, understand their business-interest profile and create marketing materials that are individually tailored; track the market performance of specific companies and products as well as analyze specific scientific domains for trends and correlations.

“We are pleased to be introducing this new product to the market and believe it will prove a useful tool for a variety of life science professionals. One of the main advantages of the product is that it combines advanced computational technologies with humanly curated data extracted from scientific articles, to create a resource of extremely accurate analysis capability. It also allows the user to gain market insight that is not currently on offer by other tools.” said Dr. Andreas Persidis, CEO of Biovista.

Journal Research Analyst™ which is both a personal and enterprise-wide application has been successfully tested in a number of pilot installations and is currently available from Biovista. Additional information is available at the company’s web site at the Products section.

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