Vizit now indexes biomarkers!

Biomarkers are widely employed as biochemical indicators of health and disease states and processes. Their usage spans a wide range of applications including disease prevention, monitoring and assessing the progress of a therapeutic regimen and the appearance of adverse drug reactions and drug interactions.

In order to monitor physiological and disease processes in PubMed and other bibliographic corpora, Biovista has compiled a list of more than 30 categories of biomedical significance for health and disease. These include Genes, Biological Processes and Pathways, Diseases, Drugs, Adverse Drug Reactions, Post-Translational Modifications, Phenotypes, Lipids, Pathogenic and non-Pathogenic microbial organisms and several others.

Although most known biomarkers are covered in Biovista’s Genes category, there are others that are not included within this list. In order to expand our coverage of Biomarkers in Vizit and assist researchers to explore the relationship between these entities and Diseases, Drugs, Adverse Drug Reactions, we have included a new category in Vizit, named simply … Biomarkers. This category consists of 592 terms and their synonyms taken from MeSH, (NLM’s Medical Subject Headings), a hierarchical terminology used for indexing and cataloging of biomedical information in Medline/PubMed.

Here’s a Vizit graph exploring bibliographical connections between the biomarker  Mucin-1 , its associated  Pathways  and the Diseases  Breast Cancer  and  Diabetes Mellitus .!bv_gid=9fc01799cb7bfbae2cc739bf5bb85102

The graph is interactive: by clicking on it you will be re-directed to the homepage for Vizit Research, where you can modify, save and share the graph in any way you feel suitable.

The Biovista Vizit team.