Charlottesville, VA

Biovista announced today that its consumer oriented Biovista Nutrition site was awarded the Great Gear of the Year Award by for the year 2007 (see

“We are very pleased to have received this award that recognizes excellence in providing useful and simple to use tools to a wide range of people interested in nutritional supplements and healthy living” said Dr. Aris Persidis, president of Biovista Inc. Biovista Nutrition allows users to select from a multitude of conditions they may have (e.g. angina, hypertension, diabetes and others) and have the software identify nutritional supplements that best meet their health profile. Using only unbiased scientific articles as its source, Biovista Nutrition empowers users to understand what supplements may work best for them. It also provides access to the underlying scientific evidence that the user may freely discuss with their doctor or nutritionist.

More information on Biovista Nutrition can be accessed at