CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia, March 20, 2012 — Biovista announced today that it will be organizing a workshop on drug repositioning at the upcoming World Pharmacogenomics Summit being held April 24-26 in Boston.

The Workshop entitled “Understand How to Use PGx in Drug Repositioning, Adverse Event Prediction, Patient Subpopulation Stratification and Personalized Medicine” will help strategic level managers develop a powerful framework for understanding when and how to integrate PGx initiatives into drug programs from adverse event prediction to personalized medicine.

 The workshop will address the following key questions:

 What are the disease questions that PGx can actually answer?

  • How important is it to determine if a PGx observation is cause or effect?
  • How can PGx data be used in mechanism-based repositioning, adverse event prediction, cohort stratification and personalized medicine?

 Specific case studies will be presented that demonstrate the following key learning points:

  • Systematic mechanism-based analytics are a powerful emerging tool in the drug development arsenal
  • Careful analysis of PGx data needs to be carried out to determine directionality and cause and effect status, otherwise the false positive rate increases
  • Appropriate integration of PGX data with mechanism-based analytics can guide repositioning, averse event prediction, cohort stratification and personalized medicine

“The intersection of PGx and systematic mechanism-based analytics is becoming stronger and will produce important advances in therapeutics and diagnostics in the near future. We are therefore happy to share our experiences in this space with senior management seeking to combine PGx knowledge with deeper MoA understanding in order to boost the efficiency of drug development process” said Dr. Aris Persidis, President of Biovista and workshop leader.  

 About Biovista:

Biovista is a privately held biotechnology company that finds novel uses for drugs and profiles their side effects using mechanism-of-action analytics. Biovista develops its own pipeline of drugs in CNS, oncology, auto-immune and rare diseases. Biovista is collaborating with biopharmaceutical companies on indication expansion and de-risking of their portfolios and with the FDA on adverse event prediction (

 For further information please contact:

Aris Persidis Biovista, Inc. arisp{at} +1-434-242-6514