Charlottesville USA and Athens Greece. January 24, 2005

Biovista announced today it will be present at the PharmaDiscovery 2005 conference, held at the Washington Convention Center, Washington D.C., May 10-12, 2005.

PharmaDiscovery is a knowledge-based forum, combining pure scientific insight with drug discovery technology on issues preventing the closure of the productivity gap faced by the life sciences industry.

Biovista (booth 613) will be showcasing its Systems Literature Analysis technology including the recently launched BioLab Experiment Assistant (BEA) system, its Literature-Based Discovery tool and others.

BEA is an information lifecycle support environment that allows librarians and researchers to share a common literature search and analysis resource. Rather than limiting the user to the traditional Boolean operator queries, BEA allows the user to navigate the bibliography using graphical maps of domain specific concepts (such as genes, pathways and diseases in the life sciences) and their correlations as these transpire from the underlying literature. A number of simple yet powerful tools allow the user to obtain a mental overview of a research area of interest and from that locate and access scientific articles of relevance.

The Literature-Based Discovery tool is the result of an ongoing research project. Currently the tool supports researchers in creating promising hypotheses by correlating seemingly disparate concepts based on their profiles as these are extracted from various bibliographic resources.

The Journal Research Analyst (JRA) and Upsell tools are aimed at reagent companies supporting intelligent customer profiling and sales personnel respectively.

Biovista will be showcasing these products at booth 613 for the entire duration of the exhibition. To arrange for a personal or group demonstration, please contact biovista at sales{at}



Biovista: Booth 613