Biovista Announces Research Collaboration With a Major Pharmaceutical Company

April 27, 2011Press Releases

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia, April 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Biovista announced today that it has entered into a research collaboration agreement with Novartis. The collaboration is focused on identifying new indications for a number of undisclosed Novartis compounds using Biovista’s Clinical Outcome Search Space (COSS) technology. The terms of the agreement include an upfront payment and success-based … Read More

The Scientist: Teaching an Old Drug New Tricks

April 1, 2011Media coverage

Biotech companies hope to turn the practice of finding novel uses for existing compounds into big business. Andreas and Aris Persidis love to tackle big problems. As graduate students in the 1980s, the two brothers—a naval architect and a biochemist, respectively—would spend long nights knocking around ideas for how to engineer a better propeller or … Read More

Drug Repositioning podcast

March 10, 2011Biovista Articles, Multimedia

Drug repositioning as a viable business strategy. Biovista’s President A. Persidis interview to GEN’s editor in chief, John Sterling. “Prompted by the need to refurbish their pipelines at lower costs and to drive and sustain future profits, drug companies have turned to drug repositioning, or repurposing, as a means of drug rediscovery. The process of … Read More

Biovista to present at the 5th World Generic Medicines Congress

February 11, 2011Events

  CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia, February 11, 2011 — Biovista announced today that it is presenting at the 5th World Generic Medicines Congress, London UK, on Thursday 24 February 2011. Biovista’s CEO, Dr. Andreas Persidis, will give a presentation on the business and science of repositioning generic medicines at the 5th annual World Generic Medicines Congress Europe of … Read More

Biovista announces a Webinar on Drug Safety

February 8, 2011Events

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia, February8, 2011 — Biovista announced today that it is co-presenting a webinar with FDA/OCP on Predicting Serious Adverse Events Using Mechanism of Action, on Thursday, 24 February 2011. Biovista’s President, Dr. Aris Persidis, will co-present together with Dr. Darrell Abernathy, Associate Director for Drug Safety in the Office of Clinical Pharmacology at the … Read More