New Biovista Inc. Publication: EMR Data Confirm Big Data Analytics Prediction That Hypothyroidism is a Risk Factor for New-onset Diabetes Mellitus

June 23, 2015Press Releases

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia, June 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Biovista Inc. today announced the publication of data from research it carried out in collaboration with the FDA and Israeli HMO Clalit, focusing on the prediction of risk factors related to targeted diseases. The research, published in the American Diabetes Association journal Diabetes Care, identifies hypothyroidism as a … Read More

What Role for Systematic Drug Repositioning?

May 2, 2014Blog

In an ideal world we shouldn’t need drug repositioning. In an ideal world we would know exactly how drugs work, we would have precision medicine and no need to find alternative indications. But we don’t live in an ideal world, not even an almost ideal one. And so for now, there seems to be a role for drug repositioning and even more so for systematic drug repositioning (SDR). But is SDR currently done in the best possible way? What about the art of SDR -how can we integrate SDR within an organization with minimum disruption to existing processes? And could SDR evolve to become a systematic discovery tool?

Scientists Find New Uses for Old Drugs

December 16, 2013Media coverage

Interview Of Biovista’s President Aris Persidis in Voice Of America by Jessica Berman; Monday, December 10, 2013   Here is an excerpt… “It is a very easy way to explore whether something that is therapeutically beneficial in one area and for one type of patient might be useful for another type of patient,” said Aris … Read More

GEN: Seasoned Drugs Offer Therapeutic Gold Mine

May 23, 2013Media coverage

Article by Caitlin Smith GEN: Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology, May 15, 2013 … Biovista has already repositioned two drugs for the progressive form of multiple sclerosis (MS), which has had few treatment options. Most MS drugs, for treatment of the relapsing-remitting form of MS, compromise the patients’ immune systems and have significant side effects. Biovista … Read More

VA BIOTECH – Concept to Commercialization

April 11, 2013Events

Biovista announces that its President, Dr. Aris Persidis, will participate in the “VA BIOTECH – Concept to Commercialization” Facebook event. About VA BIOTECH – Concept to Commercialization event: Charlottesville is home to some of the most cutting edge biotechnology firms in the Country. This panel, presented in partnership with U.Va. Innovation and Charlottesville Business Innovation … Read More