Big Data Analytics – the new microscope

May 8, 2015Blog

Like systematic drug repurposing, big data analytics recognises that there is value in “knowing what we know”. Both can lead to innovation and both can play a significant role in shaping the healthcare environment of the future.

Systematic Drug Repositioning and the future of pharma R&D

January 30, 2015Blog

Andreas Persidis, CEO In a recent post at the Drug Repositioning discussion group of LinkedIn, John Waslif alerted the community to an interesting article by Michael Kinch titled “The Process by which Drugs are Discovered and Developed will be Fundamentally Different in the Future”. I guess no one will argue with such a statement. What … Read More

Why recycling knowledge is good for you

November 13, 2014Blog

Knowledge recycling – i.e. reusing, recombining and contextualizing – must be recognised as a powerful approach to systematic innovation, especially for the biopharmaceutical industry. We should openly discuss its value and start using processes, tools and business models that make it an integral part of our business activities.