Drug Repositioning: Extracting Added Value from Prior R&D Investments

July 5, 2010Media coverage

Biovista profiled in latest Insight Pharma report “Drug Repositioning:Extracting Added Value from Prior R&D Investments”. Drug repositioning is also known as drug repurposing, reprofiling, or retasking. In “on-target repurposing,” a drug’s known pharmacological mechanism is applied to a different therapeutic indication than that for which it was initially developed. Even more innovative is “off-target repurposing, ” … Read More

Biovista’s Unusual Brand of In Silico Drug Discovery

May 14, 2009Biovista Articles

Interview of Aris Persidis to Bio-IT World’s John Russell May 14, 2009 | It’s interesting what crops up in company executive profiles. Aris Persidis is an accomplished bio-entrepreneur and the co-founder of Biovista along with his brother Andreas Persidis. Aris’s company profile includes the usual details—Cellzome co-founder, Ph.D. from Cambridge University in biochemistry, etc.—but the very last … Read More

The future of drug repositioning

May 1, 2009Biovista Articles

Andreas Persidis of Biovista talks to NGP about the transformational potential of drug repositioning. NGP. Drug repositioning seems to be attracting increasing interest in the pharmaceutical world. Is there a real need for it? Andreas Persidis. Drug repositioning has been attracting the interest of pharmaceutical and biotech companies for two reasons: commercial and scientific. On … Read More

Web portal project for drug research information gets data boost

February 10, 2009Media coverage

Pharmaceutical Assets Portal project Scientists know there are drugs that have been developed, tested and found lacking for one disease that might help patients with a completely different condition. But the trick for researchers has always been finding out about them. While the National Institutes of Health and the pharmaceutical industry maintain portfolios of investigational and FDA-approved … Read More