Status: Completed
Start Date: November 2002
End Date: October 2003

INNOVANET was a European Commission funded project on systematic innovation and scientific discovery. The project published a strategic roadmap on the ‘mechanizing’ of the process of scientific discovery and innovation, i.e. on what information and knowledge technologies are necessary to better support the innovation process.


Creativity and the velocity with which research groups innovate are increasingly important to the competitiveness of companies that need to make discoveries faster and on a tighter budget. Achieving a capability for accelerated discovery and innovation is increasingly dependent on advanced IT technologies to provide a software environment that promotes the engineering of innovation in a systematic manner.

Such an environment depends on a number of advanced software technologies, many of which are currently not available or not advanced enough. Furthermore, it is essential when developing these technologies to align their functionality with the needs of knowledge users in a variety of innovation industries.

Through high-level knowledge sharing, the partners of INNOVANET will develop a better understanding of where creativity and innovation come in and of the kinds of software environments and IT technologies that could promote their emergence.

To achieve its goal, INNOVANET intends to create a strategic roadmap that details a research agenda for the development of an innovation engineering environment. This roadmap will map current work and research groups throughout Europe, identify trends and make recommendations regarding future research efforts in the knowledge technologies domain.

Industries Targeted

Business and professional services, engineering,, information technology, manufacturing, medicine, health care, publishing, content, public administration, government, science and research, e-commerce, education.

Technologies Used

Text search technologies, bibliometric analysis, face-to-face interviews with research project leaders, managers and creative thinkers.

Interactive Innovation Map

The Interactive Innovation Map is one result of the project supporting an exploration of areas of research, organisations and people related to systematic innovation.

For more information

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