Status: Completed
Start Date: February 2006
End Date: July 2010

Designing drugs and treatments to combat the diseases of the 21st century has become a very complex endeavor.

Not only do we want drugs to rid us of disease, we also want to have no side effects from our medications, take them for as little as possible and ideally have them tailored to reflect our exact personal circumstances.

Fortunately, this vision is coming closer by the day thanks to advances:

  • in post genomic research that provides new understanding and tools to combat diseases,
  • in clinical trials that generate huge amounts of data from individual patients and help us understand how drugs work, and
  • in information technology that brings all these elements together allowing us to analyze the huge amounts of data generated and extract new knowledge

Addressing this vision, ACGT was a EU project that operated in the space of information technologies (IT), in post genomic clinical trials, focusing as a starting point on cancer.

The overall objective of the project was to develop an IT infrastructure that will support a large variety of analyses, some of which may be highly complex and compute intensive, the analyses themselves taking place in the context of clinical trials and bio-lab research in 2 cancer areas: breast cancer and child nephroblastoma.

Furthermore ACGT aimed to make the IT infrastructure open-source, meaning that other groups who may wish to build on the work of the project and contribute to the ACGT community will find it easy to do so.

To have its intended impact, ACGT outcomes are open to a broad group of people and offer genuinely useful services to the community at large.

For More Information

Visit the ACGT web-site here.