Why BEA makes a difference

BEA gives you a new way of using the literature to advance your work.

  • No longer do you need to specify your search parameters exactly.
  • No longer do you need to shift through long lists of paper titles to find the ones you want.

With BEA you search graphs of relationships between concepts of interest such as genes, diseases, compounds and cell types to obtain an overview of the knowledge that is captured in scientific literature (MEDLINE) and patent databases (USPTO). It is then one easy step to drill down to the underlying literature and explore these relationships in depth.

Search, understand, discover, capture, organize and share knowledge in a single, easy to use environment.

BEA has proved an invaluable resource for our lab in our literature analysis work.J.D. Lambris, Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, U.Penn
 Parts of BEA have evolved into a new Biovista product, called Vizit. Vizit is a visual search engine that helps scientists search PubMed and easily find life-science products, such as antibodies that are relevant to their research. Find out more about Vizit, here