Charlottesville, June 10, 2014

Biovista announces online environment for in-context selling of life science products

Biovista announced today the availability of its solution. Aimed at reagent and life-sciences product companies integrates seamlessly with customer web sites and their online product catalogs and payment systems. Short for “visualize it”, lets scientists/researchers browse through interactive graphs of the scientific bibliography and relationships between genes, pathways and cell lines they may be working on and find related products in a context sensitive way.

“We are very excited to be able to offer to our collaborators at a point in time when it is essential for all to support their customers in the most efficient way possible” said Dr Andreas Persidis, CEO of Biovista.” aligns the interests of the companies with their researcher/scientist clients. To the scientists it offers an environment that supports their research and discovery work. To the reagent and life-sciences product company it offers a new medium to present products that are directly relevant to their customers’ task at hand. We believe it’s a win-win for all” Dr. Persidis added.

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