How do you make your web site engaging and how do you provide value to your web site visitor?

“Content marketing” tries to answer just that and talks about the need to be current, relevant and to provide content that really matters to these visitors. But it’s not easy. Among the biggest challenges to content marketing are “producing engaging content”, “producing enough content” and “producing a variety of content”. Not surprisingly marketers agree that “it takes a dedicated eMarketing person to continually update and optimize product websites…”. (



But rather than just consuming content, it may be even better if you support and get your visitors to act and complete tasks that are relevant to their own daily work and goals. So the challenge is not just to create content but also to offer tools that help one’s target audience do things that are close to their heart.

A great benefit of tools is that, in general, a tool has a much longer “shelf life” and requires much less effort to maintain. But tools don’t have it easy either.  As one analysis suggests, online tools need to be easy to understand and use, and provide a clear benefit to their target users.

Biovista’s Vizit has been developed with this goal in mind. It offers a tool that helps scientists with their daily discovery work and allows suppliers to present their products in a context sensitive manner. Backed by one of the most comprehensive bioinformatics databases in the field, Vizit supports systematic discovery and sharing through an easy to use interface that is unique in the space.

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