CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia, June 3, 2011 — Biovista announced today that it is presenting at the Drug Repositioning Conference, San Francisco, on July 13 2011.

Biovista’s President, Dr. Aris Persidis, will give a presentation on systematic repositioning using Mechanism of Action. The Drug Repositioning Conference is one of the prime events in this space and has been organized to highlight key trends, case studies and tool sets for identifying repositioning opportunities as well as the technical, regulatory and intellectual property challenges that arise out of these efforts

Dr. Persidis’ presentation will discuss how using mechanism of action (MoA) at the core, it is possible to map the potential relevance of any drug against all diseases and adverse events tracked by modern biomedicine. Both efficacy and safety case studies will be presented. The impact on pipeline development in terms of growth and defense against competitor adjacency moves will be discussed.

Further information on the conference program can be found here.