Charlottesville, VA (11 January 2010)
Biovista Inc. announced today that it will be present at the 2nd International Conference on Drug Discovery and Therapy (ICDDT 2010) held in Dubai, UAE, Jan 31 – February 4th, 2010. Biovista’s CEO, Dr. Andreas Persidis will give an invited lecture highlighting the efficiencies of repositioning as a development strategy, and introduce Biovista’s proprietary literature based discovery platform for repositioning and adverse event profiling. The invited lecture entitled “Literature based Discovery: the Biovista platform for Clinical Outcomes Analysis” will be presented at 11:30am on February 2nd, at Lecture Hall L-115.

ICDDT is an international conference that provides a platform for all pharmaceutical scientists, internists and primary care physicians to discuss and learn about important international breakthrough developments in drug discovery and new therapeutics. Organized with the support of the Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE, ICDDT focuses on the interdisciplinary fields of drug discovery, drug therapy and translational medicine.