Charlottesville, VA, 3 November, 2008

Biovista is glad to announce its sponsoring of the Drug Repurposing Strategies conference to be held in Philadelphia, December 10-11, 2008. Focusing on the identification, licensing and repositioning of compounds and existing or abandoned drugs, the conference will explore strategies and approaches to bolster pipelines, reduce risk and control the soaring cost of drug Bevelopment. Biovista’s President Aris Persidis Ph.D who will be presenting on the prioritization of Go/No-Go repurposing decisions by analyzing the Benefit/Risk profile of a drug said: ” We are very glad to sponsor one of the premier events in this increasingly important area of drug development. Drug repurposing and more specifically accurate and timley benefit/risk profiling of compounds and drugs stands to offer pharmaceutical companies significant advantages if done properly and we feel that conferences such as this one provide an excellent overview of the state of the art at this present point in time.”

In 2009 Biovista will also be presenting its drug repurposing platform at the 15th SBS Annual Conference and Exhibition to be held April 26-30 2009 in Lille, France.