Charlottesville, VA, November 3rd, 2016 — Biovista Inc. today announced the signing of a contract with Biotrend Chemikalien GmbH1 for access to Biovista’s2 Vizit3 visual search engine. Biotrend will be offering Vizit as a free resource to visitors of its web site. Vizit is a visual search engine of PubMed articles that allows researchers and site visitors to identify connections between genes, proteins, pathways and diseases of interest to them, and from these to browse relevant Biotrend reagents as these have been reported in the literature.

“We are very pleased that Biotrend has decided to join the Vizit family and offer it to its site visitors” said Dr. Andreas Persidis, CEO of Biovista. “Vizit combines the support of scientific discovery, easy overviews of research areas of interest and science collaboration with the convenience of finding reagents that are relevant to one’s work; through it we are confident Biotrend will be serving its visitors well”, Dr Persidis added.

“Biotrend is happy to be able to offer this useful resource to our customers and site visitors. We constantly look to provide added value to researchers and believe that Vizit can help us achieve this goal”, said Gunther Jaeger, CEO of Biotrend. “Vizit can help scientists with their research and discovery work and propose reagents and related Biotrend products that are relevant to their work. Showing the supporting citations where these exist provides additional value when it comes to usage and validation information, something that we think is increasingly needed” Mr. Jaeger added.

About Biovista and the Vizit platform
Biovista develops and uses high-throughput discovery tools to find solutions for commercially relevant unmet medical needs. Biovista’s Vizit platform is a visual literature mining solution that allows researchers to search scientific literature in ways that support scientific discovery and knowledge sharing in a systematic way.

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Dr. Andreas Persidis, CEO


SOURCE: Online PR News