Biovista contributes to clinical trials research on Wilms tumor and breast cancer.

October 1, 2007Announcements

Athens, Greece and Charlottesville, VA. Biovista has joined the European ACGT consortium developing advanced semantic technologies in support of post genomic clinical trials in cancer. The aim of this work is to create an IT grid-based infrastructure that will support clinicians and bio-researchers in clinical trial design and research in two cancer modalities: Wilms tumor … Read More

Biovista Nutrition wins Great Gear of the Year award

September 17, 2007Media coverage

Charlottesville, VA Biovista announced today that its consumer oriented Biovista Nutrition site was awarded the Great Gear of the Year Award by for the year 2007 (see “We are very pleased to have received this award that recognizes excellence in providing useful and simple to use tools to a wide range of people … Read More

Biovista initiates project on adverse events profiling and drug repositioning.

January 5, 2007Announcements

Biovista began work today on one clinical candidate and one pre-clinical candidate on behalf of a major Cambridge, MA biotechnology company. The aim is to elucidate adverse events profiles and repositioning opportunities using Biovista’s proprietary development platform. By defining the adverse events profile, the design of the clinical trial and choice of specific compounds will … Read More