Biovista believes in constant innovation.

We have an ongoing R&D program to develop our pipeline, create new and improve existing products and services, and to maintain the COSS™ technology platform at the forefront of systematic discovery.

Research projects are carried out in-house or in collaboration with select partners and within international consortia in areas such as orphan diseases, personalized medicine, drug de-risking, opinion mining, systematic discovery support and linguistics.

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Biolab Experiment Assistant

Research in the life sciences has become an increasingly complex and data intensive proposition. Researchers are under increasing pressure to deliver novel insights and solutions that will help advance our understanding of biology and our ability to design and develop better, safer and more personalized drugs.

Yet, data is becoming available at an exponential rate making it difficult for large corporate teams, let alone individual scientists, to identify all the information that is relevant to the problem at hand. This situation is even more pronounced in the case of information that is seemingly disparate, but under closer scrutiny could prove highly relevant.
In such a discovery-intensive setting, researchers need tools that not only make easy work of searching and analyzing existing information but also help identify and exploit information that may be relevant but they may not be aware of.

Biovista’s “Biolab Experiment Assistant” (BEA) tool offers researchers unprecedented support in such a setting by helping to bridge knowledge gaps and do knowledge discovery in a systematic way.

For more information on BEA, click here to access the dedicated BEA site.